The 3rd Birthday – Thoughts

So I meant to write a couple posts as I played The Third Birthday, but I ended up just playing the game all the way through instead.

First off, this isn’t a Parasite Eve game.  It involves Aya Brea and some of the major characters from Parasite Eve II, but it definitely doesn’t feel like part of the original Square series.

The first thing you’ll notice is that Aya Brea doesn’t act like the previous Aya Brea iterations.  She pretty much just takes any kind of verbal abuse and turns the other cheek.  There may be some of the original characters in name, but they’ve changed quiet a bit.  Some of it is plot related, but its still a bit of a shock when characters you think you know start acting entirely oddball.

Speaking of the plot…

Without giving away too much, the plot is this strange time traveling mess that keeps bringing up new questions and tries (somewhat successfully) to link them all together in the end.  Even if the ending doesn’t have any screws left to lose by the time you get there.

Click here if you want to continue without being spoiled.



You are Aya Brea, someone found you outside a church with amnesia and now you work for some government organization called the CTI with some band of merry men (and women) who are going to use you (you’re the only one who can do this, of course.  Its a game mechanic…) dive into the past to save the present…future…whatnot.  So you go about killing all the Twisted (evil…creature…things…).  Monsters spawning themselves into the past and the present.  Apparently, they’re out of resources, so they go into the past to harvest humans or some-such.  You finally make it to the Big-Bad Evil Final boss and defeat him to find out about your past…You aren’t Aya Brea.  You are Eve Brea, her jailbait sister.  Aya Brea died in the church you were found in front of.  Apparently some government agencies wanted her dead so when they shot her, you sent your mind into her body in an attempt to save her, which shatters her mind all over the universes, and creates the evil monster things.  Yes, its all your fault.  So, what happens?  Aya Brea amazingly, somehow, comes back, shoots the Big-Bad dead, and then switches bodies with you and makes you shoot yourself/her/whatever/pull the trigger already.  So you shoot yourself and everything rights itself, Aya Brea dies, and life goes on with Eve Brea as an adult now.  Yeah, I don’t get it entirely either.

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3 Responses to The 3rd Birthday – Thoughts

  1. ChocoRaisin says:

    I couldn’t accept that the developers killed Aya. She’s my girl… ;(

  2. Omega says:

    Agree….. I wonder if Square Enix planning to make any sequel?

    • ChocoRaisin says:

      After a long wait, It’s better to just forget about T3rdB..
      ‘it’s just a game featuring PE’s characters… it’s not PE..’ this is how I comfort myself. XP
      But still, I’m still hoping for a TRUE PE sequel instead of a sequel for this..

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