Trails in The 3rd Birthday Sky

Sorry, I’ve been playing this awesome card game where you have to combine cards together to make horrible B-Movie sets.

Anyway, both The 3rd Birthday and Legends of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (Tits) are coming out later today.  These are my last set of preorders for a while, so hopefully I can catch up on my backlog of games before something else catches my eye.

The 3rd Birthday is the third Parasite Eve game coming out, although it isn’t under the Parasite Eve name it does involve the main character from the previous two games.

Trails in the Sky is a turn-based RPG by Falcom (translated by XSEED), the developers of Ys, a metal rocking action-RPG.  According to the XSEED blog it took about 3 years to finish translating all the text and it looks to have a rather involved storyline.

I’ll post more on these two games as I play them.

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