…and suddenly the alchemists go mute and I can’t figure out how to save…


So I just started Mana Khemia for PSP today. Apparently the PSP version is a port of the PS2 version and according to everyone else…It sucks.

I had no idea.

So running off the assumption that I bought a generic RPG, I happily popped it into my PSP and started it up.

Honestly, I haven’t gotten very far, but I’ve made it through the beginning twice now.  The first time I accidentally quit out to the PSP menu screen and the second time I couldn’t figure out how to save.  You go to the first save spot and it basically tells you, “This is a save spot.  To use a save spot, save at the save spot, some save spots don’t heal you.  Check the tutorial entry for more information.”  Me, thinking that I’m smart enough to use a save spot, ignored the tutorial entirely.

Apparently, I’m dumber than a save spot, I haven’t figured out how to use it, and I had to quit the game again because work was calling my name.

Beyond that, the first time I played the game, most of the text was voiced, the second time, about half of the dialogue was never voiced again.  I was fiddling with sound settings so maybe I messed with something.

Oh well, I’ll screw around with the game later, even with all the complaints critics have been leveling at it, it seems like an interesting game.

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